Game Audio Design

We are offering professional services in the field of audio design for games and virtual environments. Our offer includes:

  • implementing sound systems in popular game engines (Unity/C#, UnrealEngine/C++),
  • composing original music and ambience loops,
  • recording foley effects and character voices.

We always make sure to provide high service quality for a low price. Please contact us to learn about our rates.

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Team Skills

Our team comprises experienced programmers and music artists. In the past projects, we have been developing the following skills:

  • composing and mastering audio loops,
  • recording foley sound samples,
  • imitating game character voices,
  • collecting free sound effects,
  • editing and enhancing waveforms,
  • scripting dynamic audio transformations,
  • using mixers and applying sound filtering,
  • building editor tools for easy audio testing and editing,
  • handling physic collision sounds.
Audio Programming
Music Composing
Character Voices
Foley Sound Effects

featured project

Carrotting Brain is our recent indie game that made its way to Steam. Audio design in this game is characterised by:

  • an original soundtrack that expresses the mood of each level,
  • crazy rabbit voices of the game characters,
  • interactions with the environment reproduced in detail (e.g., collisions),
  • smooth audio mixing and filtering (e.g., underwater),
  • realistic weapon sound effects,
  • simulating multiple audio listeners for the split-screen mode (a custom solution for Unity),
  • editor tools for drag & drop sound editing and testing.

Audio for the game comprises a set of effects recorded by our audio artist, free samples, and the ones for which we have obtained the licence (e.g., weapon effects).

Recent Projects

Game Soundtracks

The game is average, but the music is awesome!


Mikołaj is a very good music composer. He is on time, professional, and creative.

Rafał BłahutSilesia Games

Great communication, dedication and, most importantly, true talent.

Mateusz Tessarb-interaktive

Colourful synths, playful beats, and warming melodies that will enhance your virtual world!


I'm very satisfied with his work. I plan to employ him for my future projects.

Rafał BłahutSilesia Games

Able to extract the true meaning out of clumsy words and craft it into a great piece of music.

Mateusz Tessarb-interaktive