We are software engineering experts and skilled programmers. We know how a good code is produced, and that a large amount of coffee is not enough.


Not only implementing but also designing systems we are. We choose an adequate design methodology depending on the scale of a project.


Some of us have a scientific background in the field of artificial intelligence and publish papers in conference proceedings and journals.


Our skills in the area of network infrastructures allow us to configure and manage distributed systems.


We have got talented artists among us. They are specializing in 2D artwork and music composing.


In the past, we have been working on various types of projects. Our experience is not limited to games and virtual environments, but also includes mobile and web apps.


We are dedicated hardcore players. Therefore, we know what defines a high-quality product.


Our contact network is broad. If it happens that we are unable to undertake a task, we can contact our client with our partners.

Outsourcing Offer

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