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Meet our Team

It started in 2015 when two passionate gamers and skilled programmers decided to team up and pursue their own ideas. They founded Raving Bots, a company that mixes together fresh concepts, serious skills, and coffee. The team is constantly growing and consuming more coffee.


CEO & Co-founder

Bartek has many responsibilities. One of them is playing video games.


CTO & Co-founder

Piotrek has good time management – he always manages to find some free time for video games.


Unity/UE4 Developer

Tomek trains CrossFit. Did I already mention that he trains CrossFit?


Unity/UE4 Developer

Kamil is a fierce cyclist. He cycles to work in the rain, snow, or meteorites.


Unity/UE4 Developer

Wojtek is a god of the squash court – sometimes a merciful god.


2D/3D Artist

Paula doesn't say much. She creates art in silence.


3D Artist

Oskar is very nice and friendly unless you are firing at him in Counter-Strike.