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Fresh trailer of eXpanSIM (2020)

By Raving News

eXpanSIM is a universal vehicle simulator supporting VR. The training mode lets you learn (eco-)driving cars and trucks. Racing fans can test their skills in driving vehicles with realistic physics. It is also a modern research testbed for engineers, designers and AI specialists working on autonomous vehicles.

Merry Armour!

By Raving News

In the winter holiday update, eXpanSIM received: new main battle tanks (Challenger 2, T-95 Black Eagle, Type 10), mobile gun system (Stryker 1128), and manoeuvre combat vehicle (Type 16). Learn more here.

eXpanSIM new armored vehicles

Making a vehicle simulator in Unity vs Unreal Engine

By Tutorials

Vehicle Simulator in Unity vs UE4
Let us say you are planning to make a new innovative vehicle simulator. There are currently two leading game engines that you can choose: Unity and Unreal Engine. Which one would give you the best results? Which technology allows you to effectively minimise the development time? Although there is no universal answer for all projects, we can focus on the analysis of a particular case, which will help you to capture the big picture.

In this blog article, we will try to provide a comprehensive answer to the question of why eXpanSIM is developed in Unity instead of Unreal Engine.
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