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Drive all vehicles in VR


XVP: eXpansive Vehicle Physics
plugin for Unreal Engine


TS-10: Professional Truck Driving Simulator


Heavy Machinery:
Professional VR Simulator


AI scientist or programmerwhy not both?


We simulate the real world so you can improve it.

Virtual Simulation

Need a training simulator fitted to your needs?

Check out our new training simulator 

Game Development

Have a great idea for a game but lack a team?

We are making indie games

Artificial Intelligence

Looking for expertise in the field of AI?

Learn our R&D competence

Our Customers

Launched free beta access to eXpanSIM with Steam Playtest

By Raving News

We gave away over 2000 free Steam keys to our most engaged community members during the last two years of development. Unfortunately, we reached the maximum number of beta keys for a game in a pre-released stage, and we cannot request more until a full release. Fortunately, we can continue inviting new beta testers with the Steam Playtest system.

Playtest is a new feature that allows you to quickly request beta access to our game by clicking on a button on the Steam store page.

  1. Go to the eXpanSIM store page
  2. Click “Add to your wishlist”
  3. Click “Request Access”

You will be notified when your request is approved.