Excavator Project, in short

It is a prototype of an excavator simulator. The simulation is characterised by a realistically modelled physics of digging in the ground. The simulator is intended for professional applications like operator’s training. It assumes different vehicles and training scenarios. The system can be integrated with a motion simulator attached to an operator’s cabin, which receives feedback information about forces exerting on the digger. All the features can be individually adjusted to client’s particular needs.


In many simulators, the mechanism of digging is simplified, and it works in one way. It means that the bucket affects the shape of the ground, but the forces do not act on the bucket. The bucket is simply blocked. In our simulation, friction and resistance forces are calculated precisely, and they depend on the cutting angle and the hardness of the ground. The technology uses nVidia PhysX, which is a modern physics engine. However, the method itself is innovative, and it was developed solely by the authors.