Heavy Machinery

Professional VR Simulator

VR Experience

We are currently developing one of the first construction machine simulators as a VR experience for training professional operators. We are planning to deliver groundbreaking realism with optimal performance.

Terrain Physics

In many similar simulators, the physics of terrain is simplified. We are developing an advanced terrain engine in which ground particles will realistically interact with vehicle tires and the ground-shaping tools.

Hardware Integration

It is for professionals so it must be real. The simulator will be integrated with a hardware cockpit that reflects the actual steering scheme of a simulated vehicle. A motion platform will generate forces acting on the driver.

AI Evaluation

There is an infinite number of ways to accomplish a training scenario in a realistically simulated environment. How do we evaluate the performance of an operator? It is simple: let the AI do it for you!

  Heavy Machinery project is currently being merged into eXpanSIM, which is a universal vehicle simulator supporting VR.