It is a starter kit for creating animated cartoon-style water in your 2D game. It comes with mobile-ready refractive (glass) shaders, water textures, an example of buoyancy physics, and a water collision FX with sounds. The package includes two water refraction techniques:

  1. GrabPass – the shader grabs and transforms what is directly under the water geometry. It is very easy to use and works fast on most platforms.
  2. RenderTexture – the shader uses a texture rendered by a camera placed behind the water geometry. It can be optimised to give the best performance on mobile platforms.

The package also features:

  • 15 water materials (3 styles and 5 variants each),
  • 2 water types: a surface-animated one, and a plain refraction,
  • waves animated by the shader,
  • multiple parameters for customising the material and its animation,
  • a tool for easy material scaling,
  • 7 high-quality water collision sounds,
  • optional shader features (multi_compile),
  • 3 normal (bump) maps for refraction,
  • an example of Buoyancy Effector 2D physics,
  • underwater bubbles and water splash particle effects,
  • documentation.

Video & Screenshots