It is an extension library for Unity that adds support for multiple keyboards and mice attached to a desktop at the same time. It is an original idea that will bring to your local co-op and split-screen games a whole new range of possibilities. The package comes with code samples, an example of a split-screen game, and documentation.


  • the input system detects and handles many keyboards, mice, and pads,
  • the library communicates with input devices directly through the native interface,
  • the package includes code samples and online documentation.


  • a simple first-person shooter based on a split-screen mode (try demo),
  • a realistic physics of planets, comets, and rabbits,
  • a key binding configuration screen,
  • a complete project with source code.


  • Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10),
  • Mac OSX,
  • Linux.

Videos & Screenshots