Professional Truck Driving Simulator

TS-10 is a modern truck simulator used for training professional drivers. It has been officially certified as a training device meeting the Regulation of the Polish Minister of Infrastructure. The system is being successfully employed in the training programme by Grupa CARGO, which is one of the most prominent truck driving schools in the region.

The simulator was developed in collaboration with Motion Systems – a leading manufacturer of motion platforms in Poland. Raving Bots is responsible for the software part of this project, which is continuously expanded.

This is the most advanced truck simulation in Poland.

Professional driving instructors

Driver’s module

A learner driver sits inside an original Mercedes truck cabin, which is mounted on a 6DoF motion platform. The platform generates forces acting on the vehicle and the driver while driving. The rendered image of the virtual world is projected onto the cabin windows by five short-focal FullHD projectors. All steering controls work the same as in the real truck except they are wired directly to the software simulation. The cabin is air-conditioned.

Instructor station

A driving instructor monitors the course of training at his station, which is connected to the driver’s module over the network. The instructor can observe the ride from any perspective, change the weather, add various road events, introduce malfunctions to the truck, or even take control of a traffic vehicle to create unexpected situations on the road. The training is recorded, and a report containing many driving-related statistics is generated.

Advanced vehicle physics

  • an original vehicle physics engine developed in-house
  • physics simulation distinguished by high performance and fidelity
  • complex fluid physics of a semi-tanker

Extensive road network

  • open-world road network with editable road signs
  • more than 150 km (93 miles) of roads and highways
  • automatic detection of traffic offences

Intelligent traffic system

  • animals, pedestrians, bikes, motorbikes, cars, vans, buses, and trucks
  • up to 200 AI-controlled vehicles and pedestrians in sight
  • different behaviours of participants in road traffic

Many truck configurations

  • customizable engines and gearboxes
  • vehicle stability control systems and all-wheel drive switches
  • different trailer types and load setups

Diverse environment

  • plains, forests, hills, tunnels, rivers, bridges, villages, and cities
  • variable weather conditions and different times of the day
  • custom training scenarios and random events

Ergonomic user interface

  • an interactive world map with dynamic scenario events
  • intuitive vehicle parameters and driving conditions
  • recording the training course and generating reports

Available trucks and trailers

  1. Mercedes Actros (a lorry)
    – an optional semi-trailer or semi-tanker
  2. Mercedes Atego (a solo truck)
    – an optional trailer with rigid or rotary drawbar
  3. Mercedes Arocs (a trolley truck)
    – optionally with two front axles
  4. Mercedes Travego (a cruise bus)
  5. Mercedes Citaro (a regular city bus)
  6. Mercedes Citaro (an articulated city bus)

Various training scenarios

  1. Participating in road traffic and dealing with random behaviours of other participants.
  2. Parking a loaded truck at different types of cargo terminals.
  3. Picking passengers at bus stops.
  4. Towing one of three variants of a semi-tanker for which levels of fluid and its density can be selected.
  5. Handling a malfunctioning vehicle in difficult weather conditions.
  6. Learning the rules of eco-driving.

Internationalisation and localisation

  • English, Polish, and German translations of the interface
  • English, Polish, and German road signs and traffic rules
  • right and left side traffic