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CarRoTting Brain

It is a cartoon-style arena shooter with rabbits destroying planets. The game has exceptionally realistic physics and ballistics. The weapons and the environment itself give you a ridiculous number of ways to devastate your enemy. It is designed to be played together with your friends on a big screen. This bunny-propelled indie game is inspired by the old-school 2D classics – their addictive gameplay, uncompromising brutality, and ludicrous humour. You may find it similar to Liero, Worms, or Soldat. The gameplay is powered by modern technologies and original ideas. A thrilling experience is delivered by realistic physics, cool game modes, and a wide range of deadly weapons. Currently, the game is under development. Visit our fan pages, streams, and channels to follow the progress and stay up-to-date!


The World of Rabbits

In a world dominated by rabbits, carrots have always been the most valued treasure. These vegetables are more desirable than gold because they are tasty. But for rabbits, they are even addictive and worth killing for. The more they gobble, the more they corrupt. The overdose of carrots is the reason their little brains are rotting… carrotting! It is a story about the terrible disease that turns cute and innocent bunnies into ruthlessly evil creatures. Their violence is second to none. They are clumsy but still capable of sophisticated weapons and science in a battle against their rivals. Their rampageous greed pushes them to raid space and bunnihilate planets just to hunt down more and more carrots. Their reason is malfunctioning, but they are still able to accomplish the venture. It’s truly ridiculous.

Become a bunny, become the destroyer of worlds in the chase for carrots!

Where to Buy

Below is a list of the authorised distributors of the game in Early Access:

Download Demo

The demo version contains all the features of the game except it is limited to only one arena (Moon). Current version is 0.87 Alpha:

News and Updates

Early Access Trailer

Game Features

Destructible Terrain

Destructible Terrain

Exclusively for the Carrotting Brain was developed a new and powerful terrain engine. It operates on vector shapes instead of pixels. Therefore, it is integrated with geometry and physics engine. It supports adding and removing ground of any defined shape, outside and inside the terrain. It is fast and robust. Bunnies like to dig tunnels in it, especially to the other side of a planet.

Realistic Physics

Realistic Physics

The game uses the full power of a native physics engine provided by Unity. It gives a realistic simulation of rigid bodies. It brings immense joy and many dangers. For instance, a bunny can be killed by a falling rock or a fast-moving medkit. As if that was not enough, ballistics is modelled quite precisely. Bullets can ricochet and penetrate terrain, depending on their calibre.

Arsenal of Weapons

The number of weapons is quite nice, and it is continuously growing. Our priority is realism (as much as possible in a game about bunnies). We take care of filling each weapon class (see the list below). A set of weapons includes historical, modern, futuristic, and the weird ones. The weapons have multiple parameters, and they are meant to be customized by players.

Bunny Weapons


An old-school split-screen local game is perfect for home party games or breaks between classes. It supports up to 6 players using pads and keyboards. We do not care how weird your setting is going to be, and we do not try to teach you how to play, but we will do our best to satisfy your needs. Network multiplayer is under development.

Level Editor

Level Editor

Making a custom map is a mandatory feature for this type of games. Unleash your imagination and create your bunny world. When it is ready, the level editor will enable a player to paint a simple terrain or upload custom artwork as well. The terrain engine already supports automatic edge detection and converting a bitmap image to a vector representation.

Game Modes

Various Game Modes

The game includes classic game modes and introduces completely new ones. They are designed to maximize the multiplayer experience, and they involve completion and cooperation as well. They can be played in a single-player mode with bunnies controlled by artificial intelligence. A juicy campaign with a clever story is also in plans.



Although the development of the game will not stop after the release,  the developers want to give the community an easy way to modify and extend the game content. Working on the project gives us a lot of fun, and we believe it is worth sharing. The game can be a catalyst of so many good and evil ideas that our developers would not be able to exhaust them all.

Work in Progress



Destructible Terrain

Rigidbody Dynamics

Ragdoll Physics

Bullet Ballistics

Planets and Gravity

Parallax Background


The Weather


Artificial Intelligence



Local Multiplayer (2-6 Players)

Network Multiplayer

Single Player Campaign

Custom Scenarios





Multiple Keyboards

Game Modes

Free for All Bunnies

Gun Game

Get the Carrots!

Hold the Holy Grail!

Bunny Herd Deathmatch

Bunny Tournament

John Rabid

Capture the Carrot

Competitive Suicide

Planetary Bunnihilation

The Rabbity Conquest of Space

Carrotted Bunnies Defense

Bunnies and the Last Crusade



Weapon Crates

Ammo Packs


Utility Crates


Weapon and Equipment Buy

Perks and Skills


Interactive Scene Objects



Blunt Melee





Assault Rifles

Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles

Rocket and Grenade Launchers

Gravity Gun



Portal Gun



Weapon Attachments


Armor and Shields





User Game Rules

Custom Bunnies

Level Editor

Weapon Parameters Modification


External Config Files

Mod Architecture

Mod Server

Documentation and Forums

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