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Juicy Update (v0.86a)

By Carrotting Brain
  • New weapon: Punching Gloves
  • Furnished interiors in Residential level
  • More blood
  • A shortcut for Extinguisher (pad: Y, keyboard: Q)
  • Easier Gravity Gun launching (charge and release any key to throw an object)
  • New water material
  • New FXs and terrain marks
  • Improved performance

In the next update, we will focus on a new UI system. It is required for weapon customization and new game modes. Then, we will start implementing online multiplayer. During that time, we will also be working on a single-player campaign.

New Bunnies in v0.85a

By Carrotting Brain
  • Two new bunnies and remastered old ones. Vote for the ugliest one in the comments!
  • The bunnies now have different weight (jump range), speed, and initial health. Your feedback is welcome.
  • New atmospheric music in Ice Floe map.
  • Fixed the beheaded bunny error when pausing the game (probably). Let us know if it still happens.


New explosions and fixed controller problems in v0.83a

By Carrotting Brain
  1. We have finally replaced the free ugly detonator FX with our own animated cartoon explosion. It is so good that we will release it on Unity Asset Store.
  2. The Windows version now uses XInput instead of Unity input for controllers. It results in a wider controller support, and it fixes some problems with the triggers. We have also found that FPS affected input sensitivity, which was fixed.

New explosions

How-to improve Unity terrain texturing tutorial

By Tutorials

You have probably experienced stretched and ugly-looking textures on steep slopes when using the terrain engine in Unity. It is caused by a simple planar UV mapping that is employed by the built-in terrain shader. The problem can be solved by applying the triplanar texture mapping. It gives nice-looking textures on vertical surfaces and other complex shapes. This tutorial explains how the technique works, and it provides simple code examples.
Triplanar Unity terrain Read More